Emirate Yacht Who we are?

Emirate Yacht has spread its wings as Dubai’s award-winning yacht rental company. We are a professional yacht charter company with a luxury yacht fleet. By providing private luxury yacht charter daily, weekly, and monthly, we set the industry benchmarks and standards that make us the pioneers in yacht rental in Dubai. We have an experienced team of cabin crews onboard who will always be available to cater to the guests’ needs.

Burj Al Arab Trip Package

Join Emirate Yacht for a Luxurious Cruise

Dubai Yachts has something for everyone – cruise, catch some fish, celebrate milestones, surprise your loved one, or for a team meetup, rent a yacht in Dubai, and enjoy a day that makes memories that last forever!


What Makes Us Stand Out?​

Wide Range of Yachts: Emirate Yacht Company has an extensive fleet, ranging from small boats to luxurious superyachts.

Experienced Crew: The crew members of Emirate Yacht Company are highly trained and experienced. They also have the necessary certifications and licenses to ensure the safety and security of the passengers.

Customizable Packages: Emirate Yacht Company offers customizable yacht packages to its customers. This means that customers can choose the duration of their yacht rental, the type of yacht they want, and the destinations they want to visit.

Competitive Prices: Despite offering top-notch services, Emirate Yacht Company has competitive prices.

Exceptional Services: Emirate Yacht Company prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist customers with inquiries and requests.

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